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Does looking up at stucco ceilings have you feeling down?
Call Ceiling Champions in Ajax to remove stucco textured ceilings quickly and cleanly.

Why is Stucco Removal Important and Helpful?

Most of us see stucco ceilings (or popcorn ceiling) as an eyesore. Sure, the look of this rough texture on your ceiling is reason enough to have it removed… But there’s more than just the visual element to consider…


With the stucco ceiling gone, natural light is able to brighten the room, and open it right up. Combine this with added pot lights for an intriguing night time vibe. This is what happens when the Ceiling Champions come to town!

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How Popcorn Ceiling Can Affect Your Homes Value

There’s more to be concerned about than just looks, when it comes to what’s on your ceilings. Did you know that stucco and popcorn ceiling actually reduce the lighting quality in your home? Studies have shown that the tiny peaks and valleys of the stucco trap light, and therefore darken a room.

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Stucco removal is a delicate process, and we’re going to fill you in on exactly what happens when you call Ceiling Champions to repair your ceilings in Ajax.

After we provide you with a free quote, we’ll use plastic wrap and a heavy duty paper to completely protect the room in which we are working. This is quite like a quarantine effort, as we don’t want any dust or debris to affect any other rooms in the house.

Once the room is safely segregated from the rest of the home, we begin our work by sponging the ceiling with water to moisten the stucco material. In most cases this really helps to soften the textured substance, as well as helps to reduce dust and debris.

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For us to help you best, it is important that you have all the information you need to make a decision. If you have any questions at all about our stucco removal services, by all means, contact us, and ask.

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