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Looking to remove the popcorn ceiling from your home in Aurora?
Let us show you how quickly we can remove the stucco from your ceiling, keep your home clean, and make your rooms brighter and healthier.

Life In Aurora After Popcorn Ceiling Is Removed

It’s amazing how removing the stucco ceiling can improve the look of a room. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of transforming the ceilings of many Aurora homeowner’s living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and hallways.


With the stucco ceiling gone, natural light is able to brighten the room, and open it right up. Combine this with added pot lights for an intriguing night time vibe. This is what happens when the Ceiling Champions come to town!

Light against ceiling background

Why Remove Stucco Ceilings, Aurora?

Stucco ceiling is a relic from the past. A bygone era.
Home builders used to use stucco or plaster to quickly finish ceilings in a bumpy or textured fashion. It was a faster way to complete a job, so it caught on as a building trend…

This was perfectly normal for a generation of homes built after WW2. Unfortunately, many homes in the Aurora area still suffer from a bad case of stipple, stucco, or popcorn ceiling…

That’s Where We Come In

It’s okay, everything will be alright. Ceiling Champions are the Aurora ceiling repair specialists, and we’ll remove your stucco ceilings once and for all!

We’ll show you how having a stucco free ceiling can make a world of difference in your home!

How do we Remove Stucco?

We have been fine-tuning our stucco removal process for years. As our name suggests, Ceiling Champions mean business when it comes to ceiling repair jobs in Aurora, Ontario. The process we have developed is a multi step operation designed to be fast, efficient, and clean! It goes as follows:

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