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Finally - Bright, Smooth, and Stucco Free Ceilings are Here!

Tired of popcorn ceiling cramping your style?
Contact Ceiling Champions to remove popcorn ceiling from your home in Pickering. We provide fast, free quotes, and our team leaves your home clean and stucco free!

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Modernize Your Home in Pickering

You want your home to look its best.

Removing the popcorn, stucco, or stipple textured ceilings from your home in Pickering is one of the first steps you can take towards total interior transformation.


With Ceiling Champions as your stucco contractor, we’ll smoothen out the stucco texture, install potlights if you wish, and totally rejuvenate your rooms. You’ll be amazed at how the lighting conditions of a room can change once the popcorn ceiling is gone.

Gone are the days of textured ceilings. We are now in the era of smooth ceilings and are living that stucco free life. Have you looked up at your ceilings and wondered how your lifestyle can be improved with one simple change?

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Reasons to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Eliminating popcorn ceiling in Pickering is about more than just a fresh smooth look. There are several factors that make our services worthwhile.

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1 – Lighting Quality

Stucco ceilings dampen both natural and artificial light. The peaks and valleys cause shadows and essentially eat away at the way light spreads throughout a room. Removing the stucco allows the light to shine like it is meant to do. Hence smoother ceilings equal brighter rooms.

2 – Ceiling Looks Higher

By removing the stucco from your ceilings in Pickering, you can achieve the impression of higher ceilings. Higher ceilings are a definite feature that helps to increase the value of your home. Plus, no one likes the feeling of being boxed into a room. Let us do everything we can to open up your interior space.

3 – Modernize Your Home

Builders rarely use popcorn ceiling anymore. Sometimes you will still see the odd textured ceiling (swooshes and swirls). But gone are the days of popcorn/stucco/stipple style. This means that a modern looks is free of any such design.

Ready to Remove Stucco?

Increase the value of your home by having us quote on removing stucco from your ceilings. Room by room you’re looking at great gains in resale value.

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