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Ceiling Champions Know Your Pain. Remove Stucco Fast with Our Help!

Remove popcorn ceiling quickly and cleanly with Ceiling Champions’ popcorn removal service.
We quote fast, we work hard, and we make sure to leave behind no mess. Return home to smooth ceilings and a brighter, happier, healthier home in Richmond Hill.

Life In Richmond Hill After Popcorn Ceiling Is Removed

If you’re looking for brighter rooms, better air flow, less dust, and an overall smooth and modern ceiling, get in touch with Ceiling Champions. We didn’t just call ourselves the champions, our great customers helped us choose that name early on. Let us show you why!


With the stucco ceiling gone, natural light is able to brighten the room, and open it right up. Combine this with added pot lights for an intriguing night time vibe. This is what happens when the Ceiling Champions come to town!

Light against ceiling background

How Popcorn Ceiling Can Affect Your Homes Value

There’s more to be concerned about than just looks, when it comes to what’s on your ceilings. Did you know that stucco and popcorn ceiling actually reduce the lighting quality in your home? Studies have shown that the tiny peaks and valleys of the stucco trap light, and therefore darken a room.

More To Learn

If lighting troubles weren’t enough, it gets worse! Here’s a few more problems that are caused by having old fashioned and outdated popcorn ceilings in your house:

  • Added weight on ceiling joists can cause drooping
  • More homes for bugs, spiders, and insects
  • Sound reduction, similar to light issues
  • Difficult to paint / resurface on your own
  • Old fashioned and dated looking
  • Allergens and dust collection

Ceiling Repairs in Richmond Hill

Check out these awesome pictures of Ceiling Champions on the job, right here in Richmond Hill! We’ve repaired ceilings for so many happy families, who are now living free of popcorn ceilings and all the troubles they bring!

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